K.A.M.P Wk5 (June 24-28) Puppet Paradise

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LEGO Puppet Paradise-June 24-28 (Field Trip Week)

Welcome to Puppet Paradise, where creativity knows no bounds! This unique summer K.A.M.P. is new to MSA and will have only 12 available seats and a field trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts.

Puppet Paradise brings crafting and video production together for an unforgettable experience!  Each day, kids will unleash their imaginations as they design and craft their personalized puppets, fostering their artistic talents and fine motor skills. But the excitement doesn't stop there!

Campers will then delve into the world of video production, bringing their puppet creations to life on screen. Guided by our expert instructors, they'll learn the fundamentals of storytelling, filming, and editing, creating magical puppet shows that showcase their unique characters and narratives.

Mid-week, students are invited on a field trip to visit the museum exposition at The Center for Puppetry Arts.

At the end of the week, kids take home their puppets, and parents can download and cherish the delightful puppet videos their children have created. 

This makes Puppet Paradise a one-of-a-kind camp that combines crafting, storytelling, and technological skills for an enriching and entertaining experience. Sign up now and let the puppetry magic begin!