Afternoon Enrichment

Summer Camp refund requests due July 3rd

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The Märchen Sagen Academy will he closed for the next few weeks as the community copes with the spread of COVID-19.  We hope the precautionary measures taken will help us all be healthier.  Until CoD normal operating commences, we will remain closed for afternoon enrichment.  Of course, we expect to be back and better in a few weeks, and will update parents as soon as updates are available.

We are inspiring little Content Creators and YouTubers Daily.

Join us for afternoon enrichment at 830 West College Ave, on the grounds of Thankful Missionary Baptist Church.  Our entrance faces West College in the middle of the building.   


Afternoon Enrichment

We have a very "creator-focused" environment.  We love working with creative kids who have the desire to create videos and music.  Kids ages 6 to 12 express themselves as YouTubers, stop-motion artists, directors, editors, and singers and rappers, and they find their inner creative sparks educated, encouraged and nurtured.  For information on our robotics afternoon program, click HERE.

The Visual Storytellers Afternoon Enrichment Program is a hub for inspired thought, with rooms, equipment, and opportunities to explore creating and manifesting different ideas.  We are focused on creating content and working with technology in expressive ways.  Producing VLOGs, original songs, photography, stop-motion animation, and many other disciplines, our students are exposed to professional and consumer level gear to create content that they are excited about.  The MSA Kids are telling stories in unique ways and learning how to utilize technology to exercise their creative muscles!


All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.   Do not register unless you are certain that your child will attend.  We do not issue credits, refunds or transfers of registration.

Transportation is included in the tuition.

5 Days Per Week

$399 per month

4 Days Per Week

$359 per month

3 Days Per Week

$299 per month

2 Days Per Week

$229 per month

For one day a week registrations, we encourage families to check out our LEGO robotics program HERE.


School Day Drop-In

$42 per day


Registration is due on the 15th of the month prior to next month.  For example, September 1st registration is due on August 15th.  Our transportation fee is included in the registration fee.  Auto-Pay required for students who will attend our program from month-to-month.  


We do provide discounts for our families who are teachers and who register siblings.  Afternoon enrichment offers discounts for teachers and siblings.  Break K.A.M.P. program offers discounts for siblings only.  Please enter the following codes at registration:

For teacher discounts:  "teacher"

Sibling discounts:  "sibling"