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A Nurturing Creative Space


Don't wanna leave.

“With other after school care, my daughter always wants me to get her as early as possible. When she is at Marchen Sagen she wants me to pick her up as late as possible. I have to convince her to come home.”



“This afterschool enrichment program has been incredible for my kids. Mr. Al is an absolute gift to our community. I can't recommend this program enough.”


Thoughtfulness and Love

“Not only are we impressed with the quality time you spend with the kids but also the thoughtfulness and love you have towards them.  Very impressive!!
Thanks for everything!” 


In Decatur

“Sooo excited about getting involved with your awesome organization. Glad you are in Decatur!”


Film companies pay to use the location we call home.

Nurturing Students and Creating Media

We believe in fostering a nurturing creative environment filled with love and technology.  It fuels ideas and helps kids believe in their ability to create.  And making videos takes time, so we have longer hours.  Our parents have time to make it through traffic and get to pick up without late fees.  

Our Content

We make awesome videos and original songs for kids.  We have helped hundreds of kids make hundreds of videos since we began in 2016.  There are at least 150 videos and pieces of original music on our channel now! To see some of our work, visit and subscribe to our YouTube.  BTW, this is the only time that we will intentionally send you AWAY from our site!

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MSA Supports Girls In Tech

Technology | Creativity | Inspiration

One thing that excites us the most is our ability to expose girls to video and audio production careers.  Using professional equipment, kids learn techniques that inspire creative storytelling and possible career choices through content and song production, filming and video editing.

Exploring audio engineering and video editing.

Learn about some of the innovative things MSA is doing.

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The Märchen Sagen Academy is a certified 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.  All merch sales are eligible for free shipping and their sales support ongoing programming costs and scholarships.  Merch sales are on this site only.  For registrations, you will be navigated to our registration page to create an account and complete the registration process.  You will be returned here after completion.



830 West College Ave Suite4
Decatur, GA. 30030

(404) 965-0172

Mon - Fri, 230pm - 630pm

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