Breaks At MSA


Our Summer and Break K.A.M.P.s are a Decatur Family Favorite.  Join us for learning and fun!

Up and coming camps and their weekly themes are below:



Feb 13-17 ANIMATORS AND CREATORS (Stop Motion & YouTuber)

K.A.M.P. stands for Kids And Multimedia Production.  We produce a LOT of different kinds of content and creations during breaks.

Summer 2023 Info Below:


K.A.M.P. Information:

$369 per week

$329 for 4 days

$259 for 3 days

$189 for 2 days

$92 for 1 day

We do provide water and snacks.  Please pack a lunch!  


Our hours are from 8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M.  Late pickup is at 4:30 P.M. and included in the registration. 


We do provide discounts for our families who register siblings.  Enter the code "siblingat checkout.

MSA Loyalty Reward

Please remember, families who are currently registered for our afternoon enrichment program are eligible for 50% off of ALL break camps hosted at MSA.  We thank you for including MSA Afternoon Enrichment in your family's plan to support your children.  Use the code "crew" at registration.



Filmmaking Fans

For all of our little movie makers!  We have had a lot of successful days making short film projects during these weeks!  Developing our own characters and scripts, kids film and edit short films using iOS devices and pro DSLRs and lighting.  Green screen filming and editing as well as special effects workshops are held during this week as well. 


LEGO and Stop Motion Animation 

So much fun and creativity during this K.A.M.P. for kids who like to make some special videos!  Using iOS devices and professional film and video equipment and software.  Summer kids build sets, write scripts, record voiceovers and make custom music for some spectacular videos that they make and edit themselves! 


YouTubers and Podcasting 

For all of our aspiring artists and creators!  So much goodness during these K.A.M.P. weeks!  Little ones and big ones alike love these weeks!  Gaming videos, DIYs, Slime Making and producing your own podcast are just a few of the things that we will be covering! 

Filmmaking Fan

Video Makers

This camp is for all kids who want to make videos!  We study DSLR basics, camera equipment and filming with phones and iPads.  Students work in an open studio environment, making podcasts, stop-motion animation and shorts.


All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.   Do not register unless you are certain that your child will attend.  We do not issue credits, refunds or transfers of registration.