Break K.A.M.P.s

Our Summer and Break K.A.M.P.s are a Decatur Family Favorite.  

Join us for the fun!


FALL Break Registration is available NOW.

K.A.M.P. stands for Kids And Multimedia Production.  We produce a LOT of different kinds of content and creations during breaks.

K.A.M.P. Information:

$425 per week

$340 for 4 days

We do provide water and snacks.  Please pack a lunch!  


Daily, our K.A.M.P. hours are from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.


We do provide discounts for our families who register siblings.  Break K.A.M.P. program offers discounts for siblings only.  Enter the code "siblingat checkout.




Although we have themes to stick to a plan, students explore a lot of different creative ways to make content and music with technology and equipment during our break K.A.M.P.s.  We ALWAYS stick to our plans, and when we have time, we are fluid enough to work on other types of content that the students may desire to work on. 

For example, even though we are on a week where we focus on making stop motion animation, at the students desire, we may also take some time to create gaming videos.  Many of our students have their own YouTube channels and we do like to help them do MORE!

When we do, we use involve other campers and use the opportunity to teach other concepts like lighting, special effects or green green screen fundamentals. 

This helps us to stay on track, produce a lot of content during break camps, and our campers have fun learning new concepts and exploring where their creative intuition takes them.


Filmmaking Fans K.A.M.P. 

For all of our little movie makers!  We have had a lot of successful days making short film projects during these weeks!  Developing our own characters and scripts, kids film and edit short films using iOS devices and pro DSLRs and lighting.  Green screen filming and editing as well as special effects workshops are held during this week as well. 


LEGO and Stop Motion Animation 

So much fun and creativity during this K.A.M.P. for kids who like to make some special videos!  Using iOS devices and professional film and video equipment and software.  Summer kids build sets, write scripts, record voiceovers and make custom music for some spectacular videos that they make and edit themselves! 


THEME 3 YouTubers and Podcasting 

For all of our aspiring artists and creators!  So much goodness during these K.A.M.P. weeks!  Little ones and big ones alike love these weeks!  Gaming videos, DIYs, Slime Making and producing your own podcast are just a few of the things that we will be covering! 

Filmmaking Fan K.A.M.P. 


All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.   Do not register unless you are certain that your child will attend.  We do not issue credits, refunds or transfers of registration.  





We have a great time during the Summer.  Kids experience content creation in so many creative ways.  YouTuber K.A.M.P.s, Stop Motion Animation, Short Films and even producing Gaming Videos and podcasts happen all summer long.  Kids do NOT need any experience in content creation to join along in the fun!

We hope to keep it simple and impactful for the small class sizes, with participants receiving more individual attention while making fun and engaging videos!

For ages 6 to 12, our Summer K.A.M.P. experience is great for younger kids and older ones.  We also stimulate kids creative centers with arts and crafts workshops as well!

We have an open, guided creative environment and kids tend to create or come with their own social groups.  When they do, they tend to be more engaged and imagine and work on projects together.  

In this way, they grow together through guided experiences in writing, editing, acting, prop designs, stop-motion animation, music making, green screen filming and editing, gaming videos, streaming content, and DIY's.

We are a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, and our goal is to create entertaining and nurturing content that inspires and teaches children to create all kinds of videos!

At the end of the week, we upload videos to YouTube as well as a shared Google Drive for parents to download for their own memories.

To finish, we celebrate our hard work with treats!  Choosing ice cream or doughnuts, we have our very own "Wrap Party" to close out our week with more great memories.  

Again, our workshops will include such activities as:

  • Short film making
  • Stop-motion Animation
  • DIY videos (slime making, unboxing videos)
  • Gaming videos
  • Editing in Final Cut ProX and iMovie
  • Podcasting
  • Electronic music production
  • Green-screen filming
  • Fundamentals of lighting
  • Filming with gimbals
  • iOS device filming and apps
  • Editing in Final Cut ProX and iMovie
  • Using Special Effects in videos
  • Scoring and recording voice overs!

Join Us.