Making Beats and Content

The MSA Teen Production Center


 $50 off First Month Registration


Designed to help young creators learn how to produce content and music.  The program will be led by Couleen "Mr. Al" LaGon, the founder of MSA, and it will allow teens of all skill levels to learn how to make beats, record music, produce and write songs.

Hands-on, weekly workshops in different aspects of music creation.

Some of what we will cover during our sessions will include:

  1. Learning the fundamentals of beat making.
  2. Song Arrangement
  3. Recording Techniques
  4. Sound Selection
  5. Creative Sampling
  6. Producing Different Genres of Music
  7. Gear selection 
  8. Using Plugins
  9. Fundamentals of AVID Protools

For teenage music makers and artists in and around Decatur.  Join us for our:

  1. Full Production Center
  2. Studio Environment 
  3. 4 Mic Podcast Suite
  4. Video Editing Suite
  5. Pro Cameras, Software and Video Equipment
  6. Monthly field trips to local Atlanta studios.
  7. Professional industry mentors 
  8. Access to A.I. content creation and art tools


    Beat Makers, for Young music producers

    ages 12-17 on Tuesday and Thursday.


    8 sessions per month for each program.

    $249 per month.


    Small class sizes with only 10 seats per month available.