MSA Recommends


MSA has always been a place of innovation and tech, and our space is a comfy, inspiring place for kids.  We are often asked,

"What should we buy for a beginner video editor?"

"What is the best camera for a budding VLOGGER?"

"Where did you get those chairs!?!?"

Products we use in Camp School and our break K.A.M.P. program are perfect for kids and little creators, and by popular demand, we wanted to organize and present to you some of our favs!  We will be updating this list regularly!



Surf Around Seats

Perfect for grabbing a laptop or some drawing paper and setting up anywhere.  Here, kids use this seat to move around space for virtual learning, finding a snuggly little spot and camping out for class.  Comfortable and ergonomic, it's inexpensive, one piece, and easy to clean.  Get it AMAZON and eligible for PRIME!

Platform Seats


For Your Growing Content Creator

When your little creator has outgrown the apps and free video editors on their phone, it's time to upgrade. Tried and true, a refurbished MacBook Pro is the best option for great video editing with no hassles.  Processing power, memory and a fast hard drive, using iMovie or FinalCutProX will be a blast for them!  We do recommend keeping an external hard drive for FinalCutProX, it helps not having your project on the same drive as the program.